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Strategus, plural Strategi, Greek Strategos, plural Strategoi,  in ancient Greece, a general, frequently functioning as a state officer with wider functions; also, a high official in medieval Byzantium.

Source: Encyclopaedia Britanica

Strategi is a leading technology and management consulting in Bangladesh with expertise in strategic planning, project management and implementation. It provides end-to-end services to its clients in all sectors of development e.g. water management, climate studies, urban utilities, rural development, transport infrastructure, environmental management, energy and natural resources. It also provides expert services in human development sectors including education, health, gender issues and social infrastructure.

The client base of Strategi is broad; government, semi-government, autonomous, private and international organizations. It assists the clients at various stages of project implementation starting from project conceptual studies to completion and everything in between; surveys and investigations, feasibility study, resettlement planning, project planning, detailed design and documentation, procurement services, project management and monitoring, quality control of works, operation and maintenance services and project-post evaluation.

Strategi works closely with clients to manage and implement their projects and at the same time develop capacity of the client’s staff. It prepares tailor made solutions to client’s problems and works with them in a collaborative manner so as to develop the best solution to a given problem. With this approach Strategi ensures that underlying main of the project is achieved not just in the short term but also in a sustainable manner by developing skills and expertise and building confidence.