Services of Strategi Consulting

Strategi Consulting provides project conception, design and implementation assistance in all aspects of project management, technology solutions and human development. The sectors covered by Strategi include the following

Transport Infrastructure
Roads, Rail, Bridges, Airports, Tunnels and Viaducts: Feasibility studies, planning, detailed engineering, project implementation and management.

Water and National Environment
Water Management, Irrigation, Environment: Environmental and feasibility studies, implementation of appropriate technologies and local knowledge, implementation assistance, performance monitoring.

Urban Services
Water Supply and Treatment, Sewerage Systems: Network design, process design, computer modelling, detailed engineering and project implementation management.

Urban Transport
Metro, Intelligent Transport System, Transport Network Modelling, Traffic Studies

Power and Energy
Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Rural Electrification, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy: Demand and supply side studies, technology option studies, detailed engineering and project management.

Marine and River Transport
Ports and Jetties, Inland Water and Marine Transport: Transport modelling, demand forecast studies, environmental and feasibility studies, detailed engineering and project management.

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agriculture and Fisheries: Agricultural economics, policy, agronomy, production and farm management studies.

Urban Habitat
Township Development, Physical Planning and Architecture: Architectural planning and design, township planning, special purpose space design.