Design, Construction Supervision & Related Services Under Bhandal Jhuri Water Supply Project (BJWSP)

Design, Construction Supervision & Related Services Under Bhandal Jhuri Water Supply Project (BJWSP)

  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Client: Chittagong WASA
  • Funding Source: EDCF
  • Duration: 5 Years
  • Status: In Progress

Project Description

The Chittagong Water Supply and Sewerage Authority is in the implementation of a project Constructing a 60,000 m3/day water treatment plant including water intake facility, two water reservoirs and water transmission and distribution main pipelines (named Bhandal Jhuri Water Supply Project, abbreviated as BJWSP) with Korean EDCF loan provided by the Export-Import Bank of Korea and the development funds of the Government of Bangladesh. In order to further improve the water supply service in Chittagong, CWASA plant to undertake Bhankdl Jhuri Water Supply Project.


The Project Consists of the following components:


  • 1. Construction of a complete unit of WTP having a capacity of 60,000 m3/day under BJWSP.
  • 2. Construction of two reservoir having a capacity of 8000 m3, 2500 m3 and installation of additional pumps and electrical equipment at the side of KEPZ and Patiya water reservoir under BGWSP.
  • 3. Construction of water conveyance pipeline from water intake facility to WTP in a length of approximately 15m
  • 4. Transmission pipeline from WTP to KEPZ, Boilkhali , Patiya , Anowara etc in a total length of approximately 69km is about 300mm to 900mm
  • 5. Distribution pipeline from reservoir to different places in a total length of approximately 53. 1 km is about 100mm to 450mm
  • 6. Construction of additional optical fiber cable line with in the water treatment plant and reservoir side.
  • 7. Procurement package and procedure of : a. water meter to be installed for service connection from distribution pipe &
  • b. Pick up cars and back hoes to be use for O&M of networks & WTP

Our Services:

  • 1. Detailed design of WTP & Residential building
  • 2. Tender Assistance
  • 3. Construction Supervision
  • 4. Facilitation of implementation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP), and Environmental monitoring Plan.
  • 5. Capacity development for CWASA.